Remotely Control Cargo with a Total Reefer Manager

Gain full visibility into fuel use and temperature management with Gentrifi’s Reefer Trailer Manager.

You can effortlessly manage temperature, fuel, and maintenance with real-time alerts and Orbcomm’s user-friendly application.

Control Temperature

Easily adjust temperature remotely with two-way commands

Monitor Fuel Amount

Know when your trailer fuel gets low to prevent spoiled goods

Get Real-Time Alerts

Get an instant alerts for temperature changes and fuel amounts

Key Features


Manage Fuel
& Maintenance

Monitor & Control Temperature

Instant Alerts

Easy Installation

No Power Reporting

Orbcomm Reefer Management Application

Real-Time Insight

The Total Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker utilizes Orbcomm’s powerful managing application. You will be able to customize your dashboard to fit the needs of your business. 

Get notified when a reefer gets out of it’s designated temperature range with customizable alerts. Once notified, you can simply adjust the settings of the reefer remotely.

Trailer Tracking with Orbcomm
Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker

Device Info

30 Second Alert Delivery Time

2-3 Minute Poll Response

Multiple Input/Output Sensors

IP67 Weatherproof Rating

Cellular and Satellite Communication