The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

Gentrifi recognizes a fleet manager’s obligation to maintain the visibility of their powered assets at all times. We provide our customers with a vehicle tracking solution that is not only cost effective but powerful and easy to use.

Gentrifi GPS is not just your basic mapping application. We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with Gentrifi’s intuitive Google Maps software. Our mission is to help our clients utilize all aspects of our application and maximize their investment. 

Increase Driver Productivity

  • Optimize driver routes
  • Verify stops and duration
  • Prevent downtime
  • Measure and reward productivity
  • Locate the closest vehicle to a job

Reduce Operating Expenses

  • Reduce idle time fuel cost
  • Identify underused resources
  • Eliminate unauthorized use
  • Dispatch jobs with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Prevent costly repairs with vehicle diagnostics

Increase Safety and Security

  • SOS notifications
  • Reduce speeding
  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Encourage safe driving
  • Monitor harsh braking, quick increases in speed, and erratic driving

Go Green

  • Efficient routing
  • Improved maintenance
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reduce fuel consumption and improve MPG
  • Real time engine diagnostics to identify high emissions

You will gain the ability to monitor and improve visibility of your vehicles by utilizing Gentrifi’s vehicle tracking solution. This transparency will reward you with monetary gains by reducing fuel expenses, maximizing resource use, and managing accountability.