Efficient Wired Vehicle Tracker

Manage your fleet more efficiently with Gentrifi’s Wired Vehicle Tracker. With critical event reporting, you will know who your riskiest drivers are. Advance fleet operations by utilizing real-time GPS tracking, breadcrumb trail reports, and critical event insight.

Detailed Reports

Access up to twelve detailed reports on vehicle performance such as Speeding Report

Driver Behavior Insight

Understand individual driver behavior with critical event reporting

Instant Alerts

Receive an instant notification via SMS or email for all major events

Key Features

Valuable Reports

Boost your fleet management with detailed reports on driver behavior and performance.


Expand your visibility into your fleet with unlimited geofences. See when a vehicle enters and exits an important location.

Critical Events

Know how your drivers behave with critical event reports – harsh braking, hard turns, speeding, shock, etc.

Input/Ouput Triggers

Streamline your fleet with input/output triggers. Customize your I/O to track any digital swtich.

Maintenance Schedule

Maximize the life of your vehicles with routine maintenance. You can keep up with preventive care of your resources.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Easily view the location and status of all vehicles on our powerful tracking application. You can make sure your vehicles are in the right place.


Understand Fleet Operations

Improve knowledge of day-to-day fleet operations with location history, detailed reports, and real-time tracking.

Improve Visibility

Advance fleet management by improving visibility into your fleet

Identify Risky Drivers

Improve CSA scores by identifying risky driving behavior with critical event reports

Access Location History

Know what happens throughout your driver’s day with a Breadcrumb Trail