Boost Your Fleet Management

Get real-time insight into your fleet with Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics. Streamline your fleet management with efficient routes, GPS tracking, and critical events.

Reduce operating expenses by identifying unnecessary costs and monitoring expensive activities.

See every stop, route, and event

Identify major costs trends

Empower your drivers on the road

Key Features

Gain Visibility Into

Easily view every route, stop, and event for each driver

Increase Productivity

Reduce your drivers downtime and make sure they are not going off route

Reduce Excess Costs

Limit unnecessary miles, reduce engine idling, and promote efficient driving practices

Monitor Critical

Track risk factors – speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, idle time, stops per day, and after hours use.

Reduce Risky Driving Behavior

Track top metrics, produce driver scorecards, and set up parameters to see which drivers need coaching

Optimize Fleet

Run your fleet efficiently with insight into maintenance, driver behavior, critical events, and mileage.

Auto Part Industry

Building Materials Industry

Food Service Industry

Industrial Supply Industry

“I share Roadnet Telematics information across our company, from sales reps to the president of the company. It gives each of them data that they can use in day-to-day decision making.”