Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass Provided By Drivewyze

Weigh Station Bypass

Introducing Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze Preclear. Drivewyze’s Weigh Station Bypass is fully integrated with Omnitracs ELD Devices! There is no need for new hardware, contracts, or data plans! Simply install the app to start saving time and money. Omnitracs Drivewyze leverages your safety score data to allow for more bypasses and in turn more time on the road. With Drivewyze it’s possible to bypass up to 98% of all weigh stations.
Weigh Station Bypass

  • Improve Safety
  • Deliver Loads Faster
  • Save Time And Money
  • Avoid Weigh Station Hassels
  • Improve Driver Recruitment And Retention
  • How It Works

    Here’s The Cost Of Unplanned Delays At Weigh Stations:

  • Average weigh station cost – $9.30 each stop per truck
  • Average time spent at a weigh station is 5-10 minutes per truck
  • Assuming 25 stops per month, the savings would be about $2,600 a year

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