The Need for Dash Cameras

Truck driver driving a truck

Start off the new year right with reduced risk and extra protection. Dash cameras are on the trend to become the next big thing for fleets in 2021. Fleets all over the nation are installing dash cams in their vehicles to reduce risk, save money, and improve driver safety.

Oftentimes, trucking companies face false allegations against their drivers in accidents. With no evidence, they are forced to pay thousands. However, with the addition of a dash camera, the evidence is safely logged away in an SD card or in the cloud. Companies would no longer have to worry about paying large sums of money for accidents their drivers didn’t cause.

With video evidence on hand, transportation and logistics companies can make smart decisions on how to handle their court case. They can decide whether to fight a case in court or settle outside of court. When a driver is innocent, companies might want to fight the case and go to court. However, if their driver is at fault, they may try to settle out of court in order to save money.

The investment in a dash cam can save companies thousands in the long run. This affordable technology will quickly pay for itself as your drivers find themselves getting into accidents on the road.

Types of Dash Cameras

When you think of a dash camera, what do you think of? I’m sure a small road-facing camera that sits on your dashboard came to mind. But did you know the dash camera industry offers more than just a small SD card camera?

The Classic Dash Cam

G-Black Advanced Dash Camera

The classic dash camera is what usually comes to mind. These cameras are small dashboard cameras that record on impact. As a simpler solution, dash cameras generally are road-facing or dual-facing (road and rear-facing). While a few dash cameras may offer cloud-based memory storage, most have SD card memory storage. 

Some of the features that may be present in a Dash Cam are

  • SD Card Storage
  • Night Vision
  • Driver Assistance System
  • GPS Tracking
  • Wifi Smartphone Connection
  • Additional driver or rear-facing camera

If you are in need of an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and basic dashboard camera, the classic dash camera is the way to go. These simple cameras provide great footage of accidents without breaking the bank.

Critical Event Video Cameras

Gentrifi's Cloud Camera with Critical Event Reporting

A critical event camera differs from a classic dash camera in that it records the driver’s behavior, – braking, acceleration, speed, and steering. These high-quality cameras usually offer a variety of advanced features, such as: 

  • Cloud Memory Storage
  • Vehicle Location
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Audible Route Directions
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Alerts
  • Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS)

A major benefit of critical event cameras is that they usually offer a variety of camera views – driver, side, and rear-facing cameras. These features allow you to fully understand your driver’s behavior. With instant visibility into driver behavior, you will know which of your drivers is behaving safely on the road. 

Critical event reports and video recordings enable fleet managers to know which of their drivers need coaching. They can easily set up coaching sessions to prevent accidents from happening. Along with that, fleet managers can also use this technology to reward good driving behavior. They can implement incentive programs to promote and encourage safe driving.

Overall, critical event dash cameras will offer more insight and visibility into your fleet. You will have access to information on individual drivers’ behavior and footage from all incidents. With this addition to your fleet, you can quicken settlements and decrease the amounts of false claims.

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