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The Benefits of Having a Dash Camera In Every Vehicle

Whether you have 1 truck or 100, it is important to reduce risks for your company. Installing a dash camera can help you do just that. Check out the top 4 reasons why your company should have them in every truck. 

2 Channel Dash Cam System - Smartwitness CP2

1. Record of Driving Accidents

A visible but key feature of commercial dash cams is their ability to capture recordings of any accidents that may occur. whether your dash cam features continual recording or triggered event recording (or both as most commercial dash cams do) it will capture every accident leaving the uncertainty or chance of conflicting reports out of the equation. 

2. Reduce Costs

Trucks already come with huge insurance premiums and those skyrocket with even the smallest of claims. A study done by the Journal of Safety Research reports an 86% decrease in accident-related costs when dash cams with driver feedback were being used. Dash cams provide evidence you need to prove your drivers innocent and save your company thousands. Installing dash cameras will pay for itself with the reduction in insurance costs. 

3. Improve Driver Function

If your drivers know that a camera is monitoring their driving, they are more likely to exercise extra caution, even if that camera doesn’t face the driver. Additionally, you have the ability to view driving footage and make necessary adjustments to driver behavior. The National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE) reports a 52% reduction in safety-related events because of driver coaching. Not only this but, many commercial dash cams come with optional driver-facing camera add-ons, if desired. This feature is complete with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which screens for any potentially dangerous driving behaviors and can prevent an incident before it happens by alerting you and the driver of the behavior detected. 

4. Eliminate False Claims

It is not uncommon in the industry to encounter insurance fraud where people may intentionally cause an accident to report claims, costing your business thousands, as the average cost of commercial truck crashes is $334,892 covering ONLY basic healthcare and property damage. Having proof of all incidents that occur will eliminate this and save you time and money. Many solutions offer a 360 degree view of your vehicles, which will prevent false claims. 

With a variety of dash cameras in stock, we have one to fit your individual business needs!

Shop our Dash Cams online or Schedule A Free Consultation with one of our camera specialists to find the right commercial truck dash cam for your fleet. 

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