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As the transportation industry continues to grow, new integrated technology solutions are emerging that help companies improve their operations. One solution that offers a combination of valuable features are live dash cameras with GPS tracking. These live dash cameras combine GPS trackers and dash cameras into one seamless solution. 


Dash cams with GPS, or live dash cameras, have wifi and LTE connectivity built-in that enables real-time streaming and location of the device so fleet managers can access both location and video feed from anywhere at any time. Using fleet management tools like live dash cameras provides companies with complete visibility into their fleet operations so they can identify ways to reduce costs, and improve both efficiency and driver performance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Location Tracking

Fleet dash cameras with GPS tracking offer real-time monitoring of your vehicles. The camera is connected to your camera provider’s online portal, where it will store all of the device information including, critical event footage, breadcrumb trails, and live GPS location and video. Having on-demand access to your fleet ensures that you never have to wonder where your drivers are, and know that they are on track for timely deliveries and drop-offs. 

Fleet managers can use real-time monitoring to periodically check in on their drivers. By using the exact location data provided by GPS technology, fleet managers can make quick decisions that will help improve efficiency. A lot of live dash cameras are integrated with live traffic data so businesses can get up-to-date information on traffic conditions and reroute drivers to avoid traffic, saving them time and fuel costs. Fleet managers can also review previous routes taken by their drivers and identify areas of inefficiency in the route and select more efficient routes for the future. Having access to this information helps businesses make better decisions both in real time and in the future for their fleet. 

Enhanced Safety and Security

Fleet dash cameras with GPS tracking also help create a more safe and secure fleet. One way is through accident prevention with driver behavior monitoring. These live dash cameras capture real-time video of the road and your drivers’ actions so fleets can closely monitor driver behavior and take proactive measures to prevent accidents. A lot of newer dash cameras with GPS are built with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) that help to identify and alert drivers and fleet managers of dangerous behaviors like lane departure, forward proximity, speeding, and other distracted behaviors. Features like these prevent accidents before they occur, leading to a safer environment for your drivers and others on the road. Additionally, having a live dash camera promotes driver accountability and encourages them to practice safe driving habits. When your drivers know that their actions are being recorded they are more likely to exercise extra caution, thus practicing safe driving behaviors.

Another way dash cameras with GPS can enhance safety and security is by recovering stolen vehicles. If theft occurs, the live GPS capabilities will give you real-time updates on the vehicle’s location facilitating a quick recovery. This situation happened to one of our customers and here is what they had to say, “Thank you for your help recovering that stolen truck this afternoon. I never would have thought that I’d have to use the GPS for a situation like that. I never would have recovered the vehicle without the products y’all sold me…” Having a product with a GPS tracker allowed our customer to find and recover his stolen vehicle the same day, saving an imaginable amount of time and money. 

Choosing The Right Fleet Dash Camera System

There are a lot of different fleet dash cameras on the market all with a combination of different features. When selecting a camera solution for your fleet, it is important to know what features you are looking for and areas in your operations that you are looking to improve. Before purchasing a solution, assess your business needs, evaluate different options based on capabilities, read customer reviews and testimonials, and get recommendations from industry experts. 

At Gentrifi GPS we offer free consultations with our camera specialists so we can understand your needs before suggesting a solution. Once we know what you are looking for we can assist you in finding a fleet dash camera that aligns with your needs to ensure optimal performance, improved safety, and maximum value for your business.

Try It Out!

Fleet dash cameras with GPS tracking provide the insight that businesses need when managing their fleet without the cost of both solutions. The real-time monitoring, location tracking, and enhanced safety features these dash cameras offer can significantly optimize fleet management practices. By investing in such technology businesses can improve driver safety, reduce costs and streamline operations. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your fleet. Check out the benefits of fleet dash cameras with GPS tracking and integrate this technology into your operations. Schedule a demo today and or explore our live dash camera solutions!