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Purchasing new equipment for your business can be a daunting task. Between finding the right product for your needs and making sure the product comes from a reputable brand, it can be a long process from start to finish. Check out this article and explore the top brands of fleet dash cameras, their features and benefits, and the cameras we recommend. 

Fleet dash cameras are not just cameras but safety solutions that businesses can use to enhance overall fleet safety. For companies with vehicles, it is important to ensure that your drivers and vehicles are as safe as they can be at all times. Using solutions like fleet dash cameras can help you monitor driver function, reduce accidents, and promote fleet safety. 

Gentrifi Cloud Cameras: Features, Benefits, and Reviews

Gentrifi Cloud Cameras are a great choice when considering commercial dash cameras for fleets of all sizes. Gentrifi Cloud Cameras are manufactured by SmartWitness (now Sensata Insights), both of which are extremely reputable brands with a wide range of camera solutions. Gentrifi Cloud Cameras are equipped with the most up-to-date technology ensuring that your camera functions as not only a camera but a true safety solution. 

The Gentrifi Cloud Cameras range in coverage from a single-channel camera, to up to 8-channels. The different options of channels allow you to configure the solution to fit your needs. Gentrifi Cloud Cameras all come with the same standard features, such as live video, GPS tracking, critical event alerts, geofencing, wide angle lens, and night vision. Some of the newer solutions have additional features like AI & ADAS, blind spot monitoring, and snap-in driver-facing cameras. All of these features work together seamlessly to give drivers an extra layer of security, and managers more insight that they otherwise would not have. 

Another benefit of Gentrifi Cloud Cameras is its integration with the Gentrifi Platform. Through the Gentrifi Platform, you can access both your live video feed, critical event footage, and GPS locations. The platform also provides extra data points about your vehicles, such as idle times, which can help lead to optimized route planning and reduced fuel consumption.

Additionally, a great advantage of Gentrifi Cloud Cameras is their affordability. In addition to their advanced features and capabilities, these cameras also provide exceptional value for a professional dash cam. The affordability is particularly great for small and medium-sized fleets that are looking to enhance their fleet management operations without stretching the budget. 

To provide a firsthand perspective on the Gentrifi Cloud Cameras, check out a customer review from a business that has purchased the product, “It was a very simple transaction and the customer service has always been great…software was easy to access and teach my team the use.” This review sums it up perfectly, the Gentrifi Cloud Cameras are a great addition to any business, with a simple user interface and powerful features, these dash cameras can be useful to any business. 

Omnitracs Cloud Cameras: Features, Benefits, and Reviews

Omnitracs fleet dash cameras stand out as another great choice for businesses looking for commercial dash cameras. Omnitracs is a key player in the fleet management industry and has developed some of the most crucial safety solutions, like the ELD. Omnitracs’ well-established role in the fleet management industry, proves them to be a reputable and respected company. 

Omnitracs has a few different fleet dash cameras that cater to different fleet management needs. Omnitracs’ most notable camera is the SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Camera. The SmartDrive Camera is best suited for large fleet operations that are looking for a comprehensive solution. The SmartDrive camera provides coaching workflows, driver trends, and driver performance scores making it a driver-focused safety solution. Its key features include up to 8 cameras, ADAS, AI-powered safety analysis, event-triggered recording, and a robust driver training system. Through its cutting-edge technology, this camera combines insight that is not only useful for managers but also drivers. Because of SmartDrive’s full data collection and reporting, this camera is perfect for large fleets. Transdev, a multi-billion dollar company says “The great thing about SmartDrive is how it really makes our drivers understand what they’re doing behind the wheel. The video helps them visualize it, process it, and change what they are doing so ultimately they can be safer behind the wheel…” 

Another Omnitracs camera is the SmartDrive Protect. This camera was designed to provide small to medium-sized fleets with the same technology that larger fleets have without the price tag. SmartDrive Protect features include continuous video monitoring, real-time feedback, AI driver monitoring, live GPS tracking, and vehicle reporting. The SmartDrive Protect has its own online portal where you can access vehicle reports which include current assets, average mileage, and accident reports. You can also locate your vehicles in real-time with live map coverage. The SmartDrive Protect can help your company elevate safety standards through real-time alerts and driver coaching at an affordable price. 

With over twenty years of experience in fleet management, Omnitracs’ products speak for themselves. Virginia Eagle Distributing, Anheuser-Busch’s largest distributor implemented the SmartDrive Video-Based Safety Solution and saw a 71% reduction in mobile phone usage, a 97% improvement in SmartDrive Safety Score, a 35% reduction in claim severity, and an 18% reduction in insurance claims. Implementing any Omnitracs dash camera is a great choice for any sized business as they have multiple solutions that can be tailored to fit your company’s current fleet management needs. 

Non-Cloud Camera - G Cam (MGC): Features, Benefits, and Reviews

With a quick Google search, you are presented with hundreds of non-cloud dash cameras. However, not all non-cloud dash cameras are the same. Most non-cloud cameras found online are not intended for professional use. Non-cloud dash cameras that were designed for commercial use go beyond the regularity of passenger dash cameras. 

G Cam or Motor Guardian Camera is a well-known manufacturer of non-cloud dash cameras. Their cameras are all designed for commercial use and have the advanced features to prove that. G Cam dash cameras range in scope from single-channel cameras to 3-channel camera solutions. G Cam standard features include a weatherproof design, parking mode, SD-card locks, and HD video. Depending on the camera, some G Cam solutions have additional features like WiFi connectivity, Android/iOS app integration, GPS antenna, and CMOS sensors. G Cam dash cameras allow you to choose what you want to integrate with your dash camera, creating a personalized solution. 

A primary benefit to choosing G Cam for your non-cloud dash camera is its low cost. All G Cam cameras are a one-time purchase price with no monthly subscription. This makes it accessible to businesses without extensive resources. Another benefit to selecting G Cam dash cameras is their warranty policy. G Cam products come with a one-year warranty guaranteeing that if the product defects they will replace it. This type of guarantee shows confidence in the quality and reliability of their dash camera reinforcing G Cam’s reputation as a reliable brand.

Selecting a Camera

While all of these brands are both recognizable and well-recommended, some of these brands are better for different reasons depending on your specific needs. Gentrifi Cloud Cameras offer advanced features that focus equally on visibility and accident protection. Omnitracs dash cameras stand as a trusted name, blending driver-focused safety and seamless integration. G Cam cameras provide a low-cost, data-secure solution. 

Ultimately, the choice depends on your company’s specific priorities, budget, and operational needs. The importance of using a trusted brand is paramount. Click here to explore Gentrifi, Omnitracs, and G Cam dash cameras in more detail. By implementing commercial dash cameras you will not only get unparalleled video recording but also enhance fleet safety and efficiency. Find the perfect match for your fleet today!