Solar Powered Trailer Tracker

Advanced Solar Powered Trailer Tracker

Enhance your fleets with our efficient Solar Powered Trailer Tracker. This powerful tracking device not only recharges in sunlight but also utilizes a back up battery for power in between charges.

Boost your trailer management with this reliable tracker.

Solar Powered Tracker for Trailers and Assets
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Solar Powered

Gain a rechargeable battery with advanced solar panels. Your tracker will automatically charge from sunlight.


You won’t have to worry about the weather with our solar powered tracker. It is waterproof with a rating of IP67.

Low Power Use

This tracker is specially designed to not waste power. It wont lose power when set to deep sleep mode.

Key Features

Charges Quickly

With every hour of sunlight your tracker receives, you will get nine reports.

Battery Back Up

No sunlight? Don’t worry! You can go up to 3,100 reports between charges. 

Low Battery Alert

When your battery starts to run low you will receive a notification.

Receive nine reports for every hour of sunlight your tracker gets

Network Compatibility


Tracker Info

Low Power Consumption

40mA Solar Panel

LTE Network Ready

Built-in 3-axis Accelerometer

1P67 Waterproof

External Power Detection and Reporting

96 x 130 x 41.3 MM