Vehicle Tracking

Enhance Your Fleet with Vehicle Trackers

Boost your fleet management system with Gentrifi’s cost effective and user friendly vehicle tracking solution.

We recognize a fleet manager’s obligation to maintain the visibility of their vehicles at all times. Manage your fleet easily and efficiently with our intelligent tracking tools.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Plug-n-Play Vehicle Tracker


Wired Vehicle Tracker


Increase Driver Productivity

Gain valuable insight into driver behavior. Access data on stops, duration of time, and idling.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Minimize idling time and fuel expense by monitoring vehicle use.

Increase Safety and Security

Easily view the location and status of your vehicles with Gentrifi’s fleet tracking solution.

Become Efficient and Go Green

Manage your fleet’s gas emissions through engine diagnostics.

Get Customizable Reports

Monitor driver behavior with ease using our intelligent GPS tracking application. Increase visibility into your fleet with reports on driver behavior such as speeding and trip report.

Customize how often you want reports sent out via email. You can set up reports to automatically send to as many employees as you need.

Speeding Report for Vehicles on Gentrifi's Application
Critical Event Alerts for Gentrifi's Application

Instant Event Alerts

Gain important insight into driver behavior with critical event alerts. You’ll receive a notification via SMS or email when a critical event is triggered.

Easily setup alerts for as many people as needed. With maximum visibility you can incentivize drivers for good behavior and coach drivers with poor behavior.

View Breadcrumb Trails

View the route history of your vehicles with our Breadcrumb feature. Easily see the time and location of ignition on/off for each vehicle.

Get beneficial insight into all critical events. You can click on each map pin to see the type of critical event, location, and time it took place. 

Gentrifi's vehicle tracking breadcrumb trail report
Gentrifi's customizable geofence tool for vehicle tracking and location movement

Create Geofence Zones

Simplify your search for vehicles with Geofence zones. With an unlimited number of geofences, you can ensure your vehicles are in the right location.

You will receive instant notifications via SMS or email when a vehicle enters or exits a designated zone. Expand your protection and security of your vehicles.

Accurate Vehicle Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times with our vehicle tracking solutions. Gentrifi’s tracking solution enables you to view the location and status of your vehicles.

We give you the power to manage your fleet easily with intuitive Google Maps software. Enhance your fleet management and secure your vehicles.

Gentrifi's vehicle tracking on gentrifi application



Receive an instant alert via SMS or email when a critical event occurs. You will get notified of SOS messages as well.

Critical Event Reports

Monitor driver behavior with critical event reports. Get insight into braking, accelerating, speeding, and steering.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Prevent costly vehicle repairs with vehicle diagnostics. Easily do routine checkups to prevent breakdowns from occuring.


Create geofences around important sites. Know when a vehicle enters and leaves a designated zone.

Breadcrumb Trail

Verify stops and the duration of time with the breadcrumb trail tool. Reduce fuel costs by monitoring vehicle idling.


Optimize driver routes with turn-by-turn navigation. Easily locate the closest vehicle to a job site for late orders.

Discover the full potential of your fleet

Optimize your fleet management by identifying underused vehicles, monitoring location in real-time, and accessing critical event reports

Fleet Management

Learn how Gentrifi’s application helps you optimize your fleet and reduces unnecessary costs.

Reporting Metrics

With Gentrifi’s application, you will gain important reporting metrics. Learn how you can expand your insight into your fleet.