Introducing Gentrifi’s New Mobile App

Gentrifi's New Mobile App Icon for Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store, Gentrifi’s Free Mobile app! Gentrifi and Omnitracs customers can utilize this free app to simplify fleet management.

Track, monitor, and protect your high-value assets from your own mobile device. With intuitive voice command, mapping, and event review, you’ll know what is happening in your fleet at all times.

Gentrifi's New Mobile App for tracking and critical event review

Use Voice Command

Access location and critical event information with ease using Voice Commands. The “Chat” tab allows you to use voice interface or text to request location and recent critical event information for a specific device.

Gentrifi's Mobile App Chat Feature with voice command for event review and location

Quickly View Asset Location

Easily locate your assets on the “Locate All” tab. Real-time mapping allows you to find your assets using the location pins or by searching for a specific device. You can also locate device using the “Locate Device” tab.

Fleet managers can streamline operations by staying up to date with asset movement.

Gentrifi's Mobile App mapping feature for asset and vehicle location

Review Critical Event Details

Driver Behavior Review

The “Events” tab displays all the recent critical events in your fleet. With a quick glance, you can see the type of event, date and time, and device. This feature will allow you to keep track of critical events without being overwhelmed with event notifications.

To review more event details, simply click on a single event. An “Event Information” tab will pop up with more details.

Gentrifi's Mobile App recent critical event list

Cloud Camera Recordings

Cloud Camera users can easily review recent critical event recordings on the “Events” tab.

When you click on a specific event, the media and event details will display. You can review the event’s information, see the coordinating images and media, and access the location via Google Maps.

Gentrifi's Mobile App critical event details tab with video recordings and event information

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Gentrifi's Mobile App for fleet managers
Gentri's Mobile App is available on the Google Play Store
Gentrifi's Mobile App is available in the App Store