Check out our newest additions – the Solar Powered Reefer Trailer Tracker and the Total Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker. Monitor your cold cargo at all times with these effective solutions!

Reefer Trailer Tracker

Solar Power Reefer Trailer Tracker

Easily monitor and track cold goods with our new Solar Powered Reefer Trailer Tracker. You will get real-time insight into refrigerated trailer temperatures and location.

With instant visibility into your climate controlled trailers, you will gain control over your temperature-sensitive cargo and the handoff of goods. You will receive instant notifications when a trailer temperature differs from the pre-defined temperature.

Device Features

  • Enhanced solar panel with greater charging capacity
  • Suitable for assets with vertical and horizontal corrugations
  • Out of box support for wired and wireless sensors
  • Quicker and safer field installation
  • GPS tracking

Click here to see all features, benefits of using reefer trackers and exactly how your data will be displayed. 

Total Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker

Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker

Streamline your cold chain operations with Gentrifi’s new Total Reefer Manager and Trailer Tracker. You will be able to track your refrigerated trailer’s location, monitor and control temperatures, and view fuel and maintenance information all from one device.

Maximize the protection of your cold cargo. With this intelligent Reefer Manager, you will be able easily adjust temperature from a remote location. You won’t have to worry about your cold cargo spoiling or your driver stopping to adjust temperature. 

Take advantage of the latest technology and protect your cargo!

Device Features

  • Comprehensive temperature, fuel, and maintenance management
  • Control reefer temperature remotely with two-way monitoring and control
  • Battery reports for up to 10 days when not connected to power
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-temperature zone support
  • Event-based alarms
  • GPS tracking
  • Rugged and small form factor

Click here to learn more about reefer trackers and see what data you could be receiving!